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Winnet 8 Research and Development

We are happy to present new articals written by gender experts and researchers from the participating regions in Winnet 8.

Read Malin Lindberg's Analyses of Winnet 8's Action Plans for Gender Equal growth policies in 9 European Regions!
Winnet article ActionForGenderEqual AP analyses Sweden (1)[1].pdf


Malins existing research about WRCs to W8[1].pdf

Published Article Women Resource Centres- A Creative knowledge_Environment_of_QuadrupleHelix_June_2011.pdf

A Comparative Analyses of WRC in Winnet 8, Liisa Horelli, PhD, Aalto University, Finland.pdf

Gender and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa,Sanna Ojalammi, Ruralia Institute, University of Helsinki, Finland.pdf

Gender, Citizenship and Education, Fernanda Henriques, University of Évora, Portugal.pdf

Its AboutTime! Niki Kandirikirira, Scotland.pdf

Labour Market and Gender,Domingos Afonso Braga, Assistant Professor, University of Évora Portugal.pdf

Regional Equality Plans Featured by the Womens Support Centres, Popi Sourmaidou, Ergani Centre, Greece.pdf

Statistical Portrait of Women in ICT in BSR Countries, Marta Hozer-Kocmiel & Urszula Zimoch, University of Szczecin, Poland.pdf

Visioning in gender-aware local and regional development, Liisa Horelli, PhD, Aalto University, Finland.pdf

Working It Out for black and minority ethnic women, Hazel Smith, Scotland.pdf

WRC - efforts and hopes of a politically aware society, Silvia Codato, Italy.pdf

WRC- A Swedish Model being internationalized,Malin Lindberg,Luleå University of Technology, Sweden.pdf

Similarities and Differences of the situation of women in Winnet8 Countries,Marta Hozer-Kocmie & Ursula Zimoch, University of Szczecin, Poland.pdf

Integrating a gender perpective in local,regional and national growth policies, Liisa Horell & Malin Lindberg.pdf

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