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Postaddress to Lead Partner

Älvdalens kommun
Box 100
S-796 22 Älvdalen
Contact point in Brussels

Rue du Luxembourg 3
BE-1000 Brussels
TEL +32-2 501 08 80
FAX +32-2 501 07 49

Project contact details

Component I
Management and Coordination
Contact person: Carin Nises
Project manager of the Lead Partner The Municipality of Älvdalen, Sweden

email: carin.nises@alvdalen.se  
tel: +46 251 80 220, +46 70 246 7291
website: www.alvdalen.se

Component II
Communication and Dissemination
Contact person: Britt-Marie Söderberg Torstensson
Winnet Sweden, NRC, The Swedish National Federation of Women Resource Centres

email: britt-marie.torstensson@winnetsverige.se
+ 46 (0) 26 65 27 66 
website: www.winnetsverige.se

Component III
The Transfer of good practices into EU Structural Funds Mainstream programme
Contact person: Pia Kattelus
University of Helsinki Ruralia Institute, Finland

email: pia.kattelus@helsinki.fi  
tel: +358 50 415 1165
website: www.helsinki.fi/ruralia


Karin Ardefelt, Älvdalen

Lina Torstensson, Winnet Sverige 
Email: lina.torstensson@winnetsverige.se 

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