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12 October 2010
MAG meeting in Sweden

Swedish MAG had their second meeting on the 12th of October, in Gävle.
They decided to arrange two workshops in connection to the next MAG-meetings, to make the actionplan-creating more efficient.
The first will focus on gaining a common ground in the genderknowledge, the second will focus on power-structures.
The group is also going to meet in the smaller workinggroups before the next ordinary MAG-meeting, to discuss a few topics that were raised at the meeting:

Why do we have such a segregated labour-market? Generally and regionally.

What do we gain from making it less segregated? How can we change it?

Why do so few women have a full-time job in our region? How do we change it?

The division of project-funds – how can we prevent that the gender-equality goals in the policies remain just words on a paper?
How can we measure if the project-funds are gender-equally divided? How can we improve the results?

Next ordinary MAG-meeting will be on 13th of December, in Falun.



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