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Component III
The transfer of good practices into EU Structural Funds Mainstream programme

For creating and maintaining the exchange of experiences and transferring best practices the most important tools are the Regional Multi-Actor Groups, MAGs. They consist of approximately 12 key people from each participating region and represent all the quadruple helix groups; politicians, administrators, entrepreneurs, development and research organisations and the third sector.

  • To produce 9 Regional Action Plans for the next EU-programme period for influencing and utilising the policies and development programme for improving the status of women in the labour market
  • To create a regional network that will continue implementing the Regional Action Plan after the initial WINNET 8-project is finished
  • To increase the capacity of the MAG-members to cooperate and network and to share, exchange and use knowledge relevant for improving the status of women in the labour market


  • Organising 6 regional meetings assisted by process coaches
  • Providing a two-day interregional training for the process coaches during the first months of the project to facilitate the MAG process
  • Providing input and giving feedback to the Final Policy Document, which will be produced during the project as a summary of the results of it’s different activities
  • Planning and implementing 9 benchmarking and study visits between the participating regions in order to support the MAG processes and to enhance interregional exchange
  • Organising two thematic workshops and one research workshop in connection to women´s position in the labour market for discussing in depth about specific themes identified during the project and relevant research results
  • Analysing policy and programme documents relevant to the partner regions and countries from the perspective of the project
  • Evaluating best practice compiled during the project preparation and introduced during the project life
  • Studying base-line research relating to the theme of WINNET 8
  • Compiling new research data and best practise where necessary
Key Products:

The 9 Regional Operational Programme Action Plans will be the key outcome of the activities and processes in Component III.

In addition for Multi Actor Groups, MAGs:

  • The MAGs will mobilise key stakeholders to engage with the aims of the project
  • The MAGs will provide research and information on best practice of WRCs and projects with a gender perspective to feed into the Regional Action Plans and inform the final policy document
  • The MAGs will build the capacity of the individual members to increase their intervention skills and common understanding of the regional action plan process and how it could be utilized in practice



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